Purple Air Monitoring

Have you heard of Purple Air monitoring?

This provincial ambient air quality monitoring system provides an air quality map that allows you to check for current updates on air contaminants or other changing conditions as they happen.
Purple air sensors throughout the country provide real-time air quality monitoring by allowing citizen scientists to collect hyper-local air quality data and share it with the public. This information not only helps to make people aware of approaching hazards, but also affords time to properly mitigate the risks associated.

The Purple Air monitoring system is linked into a national program for air monitoring across Canada called the National Air Pollution Surveillance (NAPS) network. Users can search a specific location or destination and retrieve a current air quality map, and make decisions on outdoor work/activities accordingly.

For more information on air quality standards, risks and safety precautions visit the Air Quality Health Index on the Government of Canada website:

To access the Purple Air monitoring map, and check the air quality in your area, visit their website:

What is Air Quality?

Air quality is a standard for how pure or dirty the air is. Monitoring air is crucial because unclean air is not good for our health as well as the health of the atmosphere. Each nation measures the air quality in many ways. However, sometimes we use our cellphone to know the weather. Our weather app shows the UV index from 0 to 10, for example. The first stage is low and the second stage is moderately followed by high risk, very high risk. Similarly, the air quality health index is specifically utilized for Canada to know the impact of air characteristics on health.

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